Jejueo Datasets for Machine Translation and Speech Synthesis

LREC (2020)


Jejueo was classified as critically endangered by UNESCO in 2010. Although diverse efforts to revitalize it have been made, there have been few computational approaches. Motivated by this, we construct two new Jejueo datasets: Jejueo Interview Transcripts (JIT) and Jejueo Single Speaker Speech (JSS). The JIT dataset is a parallel corpus containing 170k+ Jejueo-Korean sentences, and the JSS dataset consists of 10k high-quality audio files recorded by a native Jejueo speaker and a transcript file. Subsequently, we build neural systems of machine translation and speech synthesis using them. All resources are publicly available via our GitHub repository. We hope that these datasets will attract interest of both language and machine learning communities.


박규병(카카오브레인), 최요중(카카오브레인), 함지연(카카오브레인)


NLP Sound/Voice

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